Car Problems You Can Fix by Changing Your Oil

Motor oil does more than lubricate the parts of your engine. It also cleans and protects it, preserving the components of your car in different temperatures and conditions. Needless to say, failing to check and change your oil can lead to unnecessary but preventable car problems.

Exhaust Smoke

When motor oil remains unchanged for too long, you might notice smoke from your car’s exhaust or tailpipe. This is alarming, especially if you have a modern model. Exhaust smoke in a modern car could be a sign that the oil is too old, or it could indicate a more serious issue with another part of the vehicle. 

Unusual Engine Noises

Ticking and knocking sounds, as well as shaking when the car is idling, may be signs that your oil needs to be changed. These noises often occur when motor oil becomes grimy, thin, or old. It could also be because oil levels are low, causing friction between engine parts because of inadequate lubrication.

Odors Inside

When oil leaks, you might be able to smell it inside the car. Go see professionals for a maintenance check to fix this problem. Be careful not to confuse the smell of oil with gaseous odors. If you smell fumes, it is likely that the problem is with your engine instead.  

Frequently Low Levels

If the oil level of your car falls frequently and consistently, consider asking an expert at an auto repair shop to inspect. It may be a problem with a simple solution such as changing to a better quality oil or using an additive.

In some instances, circumstances might require you to increase the frequency of oil changes. Factors like changes in climate, the age of your car, or driving on challenging terrain can contribute to low levels of oil.

Performance Problems After Long Distances

If you travel for longer distances than usual – going on a road trip, for example – it is a good idea to change the oil when you return. Otherwise, you may begin to experience issues with your car. Prolonging the oil change should be avoided even if you have a maintenance schedule because it could end up damaging your vehicle in more ways than one.

Not enough importance is placed on changing motor oil. More than just routine maintenance, an oil change can prevent an assortment of car problems, help your vehicle run smoothly and extend its life significantly. 

Photo by sefa ozel from Getty Images via Canva Pro