Common Causes of Rear-End Collisions and How to Avoid Them

Knowing the common causes of rear-end collisions can help you avoid them. If you do, unfortunately, and up in a rear-end collision, whether you are the cause of it or the person being hit, bring your automobile into Eddie’s Auto Repair. We are a full-service auto repair shop and body shop. In other words, we can take care of your vehicle from roof to tires. Let’s talk about the things that cause rear-end collisions and most automobile accidents for that matter.


Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs slows down your response time and can also cause unnecessary aggressive driving. If you are not capable of paying attention to what is going on around you because you are impaired, you will, no doubt, be the cause of an accident, and that accident could be a serious one. Alcohol and drugs are a common cause of rear-end collisions because the impaired drivers do not stop in time.


Distracted driving is the most common cause of automobile accidents in the United States. Even though it’s against the law, most people text and drive or allow themselves to be distracted in some other way. Whether that is eating while you are driving, shaving, putting on your makeup, or even reading, which some people do, you are sure to get into an accident if you are driving while you are distracted.


Fatigued driving can be just as bad as drunk driving if you are really tired. Perhaps you’ve had a long day at work and were required to add many hours of overtime to your day. Perhaps you are on a road trip and pushing yourself to the limit because you want to get to your destination. No matter what, it is crucial that you never drive when you are fatigued, as you are likely to hit the person in front of you because you fell asleep behind the wheel.

Road rage

Road rage is another common cause of rear-end collisions because people who are angry tend to tailgate. Just because the person in front of you has decided he or she doesn’t want to exceed the speed limit does not give you the right to ride their bumper. The angrier you get the more you will lose control of your automobile and, no doubt, hit the person in front of you.


In fact, driving too fast under any circumstance opens you up to an increased chance of getting into an automobile accident, especially a rear-end collision. Speed limits are established to help keep drivers safe. They are in line with the driving conditions on each road and if you exceed the speed limit you push your vehicle beyond the safe driving conditions for that road. This makes it easy for you to hit the person in front of you.

As we said above, Eddie’s Auto Repair in Kingston, TN, is a full-service auto repair shop including bodywork to repair collision damage. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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