Water Pump Problems Can Overheat Your Car

The water pump is the cooling system part that pumps the coolant through the engine. Think of it as the heart of your cooling system. Eddie’s Auto Repair can replace your water pump if it starts to malfunction or leak. Usually, you will get at least 10 years out of the factory pump. This can equate to 100,000 miles or a little bit more. Once the water pump goes bad, your vehicle may start to overheat every time that you drive it. This is an indication that the pump is not circulating the coolant. Overheating can also be caused by the following problems.

Corroded Water Pump

Corrosion on the water pump is a sign that the water pump has a slow leak. Naturally, if coolant is leaking out of the water pump, this will reduce the amount of coolant that is circulating through the engine. Generally, your engine’s temperature will not be too affected by a slow coolant leak. The engine may run just a little bit hotter. If you do not swap out the old water pump for a new one when it is corroded, however, you will end up with a larger coolant leak because the corrosion will eat through the metal.

Leaking Engine Coolant

Once you have this larger coolant leak, your engine’s temperature is going to be affected. In fact, this can cause your vehicle to overheat all the time because there is not enough coolant to keep the temperature below 220 degrees Fahrenheit. You will know that you have a coolant leak because you will be able to see spots or puddles of engine coolant on the garage floor. You definitely need a new water pump.

Reduced Circulation

Another thing that is going to make the engine overheat is a reduction in the circulation of the coolant. You need the correct amount of coolant circulating at the right pressure in order for your engine’s temperature to remain normal. A malfunctioning water pump can reduce its own circulation capabilities. Consequently, you will have a problem with the cooling system’s coolant flow through the engine.

Growling/Grinding Sounds

As an aside, you may also hear strange noises coming from the water pump if it is malfunctioning. These noises include growling and grinding sounds that will come from the front of the engine. The noises will not make your engine overheat, but they are an indication that the water pump is in trouble.

Eddie’s Auto Repair in Harriman, TN, would be happy to help by installing a new water pump in your automobile if it needs it. Call us today.

Photo by simazoran from Getty Images via Canva Pro